Sophie penned Angels of Aceh – the compelling story of Operation Tsunami Assist (Allen & Unwin, 2005) tocapture this remarkable chapter in our nation’s story”. The book chronicled the Australian relief effort in Banda Aceh after the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

Edited by Richard Walsh, formerly CEO of Australian Consolidated Press (ACP), the book was launched by then Federal Health Minister, the Honourable Tony Abbott MP. In the period following the book’s release, Sophie responded to over 30 media commitments for various publications and media channels.

Other various publications that have featured Sophie include:

Navy News, Bar Brief, the Asian Pacific Health Management Journal, The Australian newspaper and The Sydney Morning Herald (Letters’ Page), Boss Magazine (AFR).

Earlier in her career, Sophie edited the College of Law Half-year book, and was editor of a number of DNLS’ (Directorate of Navy Legal Services’) News editions.