web_domperrottet“I have seen Sophie demonstrate integrity and moral courage. She is a consensus builder, where there is conflict. She is able to empathise, relate to and work with a vast array of people of all walks of life. All these skills make her eminently suitable for a life in politics. The most important trait in public life is service and Sophie’s experiences to date are compelling evidence of this. Sophie’s personal and professional attributes, when taken together, make her an exemplary candidate for Parliament. I commend her to both pre-selectors and voters.”
The Hon Dom Perrottet MP, Minister for Finance

web_mirandadevine“ Sophie is part of a new breed of conservative feminists, who are retrieving women’s issues from the far left and bringing a fresh sensibility to feminism. An inspiration to other young women, she has a generosity of spirit that endears her to friends and strangers alike. She has a strong moral compass, and her beliefs are rooted in family and community… I have always been impressed by her warmth, intelligence, quick wit and energy. She has that rare combination of brains and acute social skills. With a strong streak of commonsense and practicality, she quickly grasps issues and distils them to their essence. For a party lacking many formidable young women, Sophie would be a major asset.”
Miranda Devine, News Limited Columnist

web_t_cole“…[Sophie] has the great advantage of being able to persuade people with the rare combination of reason and charm. She is an effective public speaker who was well prepared in what she had to say. Her greatest qualities, in my view, are her dedication, vitality and enthusiasm, coupled with her intelligence and speaking skills. As I came to know her better, I realised she had the capacity for conceptual thinking as well as an understanding of the necessity for attention to detail.”
The Hon Terry COLE AO RFD QC

web_robstokes“…compassion for others, a thirst for justice and drive to serve”
The Hon Rob Stokes MP, Minister for the Environment & Heritage


web_kerryjones“I recommend Sophie wholeheartedly to the Liberal Party pre-selectors. It is my view that we need outstanding professional women in our State Parliament. In addition Sophie’s proven ability to combine family life with work makes her an outstanding and rare candidate indeed. I cannot recommend her to you more highly for the distinguished public vocation she wishes to commit to as a member of the NSW Parliament.”
Kerry Jones, Exec Dir Constitution Education Fund Australia (CEFA)

web_davidflint“With achievements in the law, the academy, the RAN, and charity work , and as a successful author, excellent communicator and committed to the principles and values of our party and our nation, young mother Sophie York would be not only a refreshing but also a most appealing candidate”
Professor David Flint AM

web_paulsheehan“Sophie York has served her country
and is a vortex of energy.”
Paul Sheehan, Fairfax Journalist


web_tomswitzer“She’ll be a first-rate candidate and champion in the NSW Parliament”
Tom Switzer, Academic, Editor and Political Commentator


web_maureencasey“A young woman of good moral and ethical fibre with a clear vision. I am very proud to have been associated with Sophie over the years and I am confident that she will bring new light and life and a “get up and go” attitude to the electorate.”
Maureen Casey, OLMC Teacher (Ret)


web_martinkovits“Sophie York is an exceptional, highly dedicated individual, with an unwavering commitment to principle. She is a deep thinker, whose opinions are both considered and rational. It has been my privilege to work with Sophie in advancing a number of important causes over many years.”
Jai Martinkovits, Exec Dir, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (ACM)

web_gerardhenderson“…Sophie has tenacity and a strong sense of purpose, along with dedication to any task at hand. Commitment to the ideals and policies of the Liberal Party of Australia is a fundamental focus in Sophie York’s wider involvements. As such, she represents a fresh personality as a younger woman who is not only well educated and articulate but also committed and on top of current issues…”
Gerard and Anne Henderson, Directors of the Sydney Institute